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Q: Why small prickly heat sort of thing occurs on the lips?
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What kinds of prickly heat are there?

These four types of heat rash can cause complications because they prevent sweat from cooling the body, as normally occurs when the sweat evaporates from the skin surface.

What is the medical term meaning heat rash or prickly heat?

Miliaria is the condition commonly known as heat rash or prickly heat.thermo "rash"miliaria

Describe miliaria pustulosais type of prickly heat?

Miliaria pustulosais (a complication of miliaria rubra) occurs when the sweat is infected with pyogenic bacteria and turns to pus.

What is the meanining of bungang-araw?

Prickly Heat

What is the medical condition prickly heat?

Also known as sweat retention syndrome or miliaria rubra, prickly heat is a common disorder of the sweat glands.

Can you get an injection for prickly heat?

i dont think so. i am pretty sure prickly heat is just caused by blocked sweat glands. staying cool is your best bet.

What causes the feeling of thousands of pin pricks all over body after exercise on a warm day?

sounds like prickly heat.This occurs when perspiration is trapped under the skin.Not life threatening but really uncomfortable.Try getting a topical cream for prickly heat to ease discomfort

What type of heat transfer occurs when one thing touches another?


Is momate cream use for prickly heat?

no this is for reducing the complexin

How is prickly heat diagnosed?

Prickly heat can be diagnosed and treated by a dermatologist (skin disease specialist). The symptoms of a rash and dry skin in hot weather are usually sufficient to diagnose these conditions.

How does using a sunbed prior to holiday abroad avoid prickly heat while on holiday Prickly heat comes out while using sunbed and does not surface while on holiday.?

The first question is - does using a sun bed prevent prickly heat? Prickly heat is caused by blocked sweat ducts - the trapped sweat causes the itchy red blisters. It seems unlikely a sun bed unblock the ducts, but perhaps being brown may mask the inflammation. If you really want to avoid prickly heat, you need to make sure the pores are clear... Perhaps a Turkish bath would be more helpful.

What is the most common treatment for prickly heat?

The rash itself may be treated with topical itch relievers. If heat disease occurs a decrease in body temperature must be achieved (moving to the shade, taking a cool bath, use the air conditioner).