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so that the patient do nat get any kind of bacteria or other allergic problems as the immune system of the patient is weak n can create more complications

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Q: Why should you wear clean protective clothing when caring for a patient?
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When should you wear protective clothing?

when u are on a motorbike..

Why should you wear protective clothing?

You should wear protective clothing because you could easily hurt yourself e.g: builders have to wear helmets to protect them from anything falling on them.

Why should hair be kept clean and out of the way way when caring for a patient?

To prevent contamination to yourself as well as the Patient, and for sterility.

What is the measure should be taken to prevent needle stick injuries?

wear protective clothing

What to look for in a guy when your a widow and mother of five?

You look for a caring and protective nature. If the guy is having a protective nature then he will protect you guys. A good sense of understanding should also be there.

Does an electric air soft gun hurt?

Yes that's why you should wear protective clothing.

What protective equipement should a PN use when providing wound care for a patient with MRSA?

The chances of catching the bug yourself from your patient is reasonably small; that is unless you yourself have any open wounds or sores that are not suitably treated and dressed so if this were the case you should not be doing his wound care. The only protective clothing you need are apron and gloves. Remember to keep dressings sterile and to wash your hands well with hot soapy water.

Should you wear protective clothing while cleaning a house that has bed bugs?

Sleeping with or without clothing generally will not make a difference, though sleeping with clothing can help to lessen the bites.

When caring for a patient who is on bed rest what should the aide do to prevent bedsores?

Shift their position every two hours.

Should you take acyclovir while caring for a chickenpox patient?

If you are at risk for chickenpox, it makes more sense to get a chickenpox vaccine rather than taking acyclovir when caring for a chickenpox patient. Talk with your healthcare provider to be sure that taking antivirals is your best option given your particular medical history.

What good attributes should elderly companions have?

Some good attributes to have to be an elderly companion is to be caring and patient. This person should also have experience dealing with elderly and some degree.

What personal protective equipment should be worn when suctioning patient?

Usually the standard sterile gloves, mask and goggles can suffice to protect you when suctioning.