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Because they are in a position of authority inside the classroom, and you should respect the authority. Teachers have knowledge they are trying to share with others. They are willing to share this knowledge with you.

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they teach you stuff. any anyway why not?

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Q: Why should you respect your teacher?
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What is respect for teachers?

u should respect you teacher because you go to school to listening to what you teacher say

How should you treat a substitute teacher?

with respect.

Why should a teacher be respected?

because they are there to help you and teach you. if you respect them they will give you the respect you deserve...

How should a teacher treat with the students?

Whether a regular or substitute, a teacher should be treated with respect for the position. This does not mean you will or should always agree with the teacher, however students should always respect the position.

How is the communication between teacher and student?

There should be mutual respect.

Why should you respect your substitute?

You should respect you substitute teacher because they are just like a normal teacher and deserve to feel as if they were. Treat them the way you would want to be treated if you were in the same position!

How do you respect a teacher?

i respect a teacher by listening to him/her and stuff like that

How should we maintain good relation with teacher?

One way is by maintaining a respect for the teacher, and show an interest in what the teacher is teaching. Some times a simple "thank you" goes a long way.

How do you make your teachers respect you?

You can't force anyone to respect you, respect is earned. The best way for a student to earn their teacher's respect is by respecting the teacher and always doing your best work.

What other religions should Muslims respect?

Muslims should respect all people regardless of their religion. Whether or not Islamic teaching encourages Muslims to engage in this behavior depends entirely on the teacher in question.

My friend told me a secret that she is not singing in choir She said not to tell anyone I feel I should tell the choir teacher's Should I?

Respect the wishes of your friend. In time she will tell the choir teacher herself when she is ready.

Is it impossible to beat sensei?

No one is infallible, and anyone can be beat. However, while the student should do their best to be as good as their teacher, or possibly to some day surpass their teacher's physical skills, they should be more concerned about learning, self improvement, and respect for their teacher.