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One reason would be serious case of sun burn and another would be eventual case of skin cancer.

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Q: Why should you limit your exposure to direct sunlight?
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When should you store food after cooking?

If temperatures are over 90 degrees F., food shouldnot be left out for over an hour, and never in direct sunlight. If the temperatures are lower, or in an air conditioned area, two hours is the limit. After the limit, food should be thrown out or refrigerated.

How do you protect yourself against radiation?

There are three primay ways to limit exposure to radiation, and they are time, distance, and shielding. By decreasing the time you are exposed, you limit exposure. By increasing the distance between you and the source, you limit exposure. And by placing shielding between you and the source you limit exposure.

Why is vitamin d important to your health?

Vitamin D is naturally produced by the human body when exposed to direct sunlight. Deficiency of vitamin D can result from a number of factors: inadequate intake coupled with inadequate sunlight (UVB) exposure, disorders that limit its absorption from the gastrointestinal or kidney disorders and body characteristics such as skin color and body fat.

What times in the day should you limit your sun exposure in non daylight saving?

10pm to 4pm

What is heat exaustion?

It usually occurs when you do not take enough fluids in extreme heat, ranging from about 30+ degrees Celsius, usually in direct sunlight, to prevent this; limit the time you spend in the direct sunlight and also keep your body hydrated (Drink plenty of water)

What needs a specialized IPS to limit exposure to SQL injection attacks against web server exposure to public network. He should consider purchasing an?


What is the exposure limit for asbestos?

In the US, the occupational exposure limit for airborne asbestos is 0.2 fibers per cubic centimeter of air.

What is PEL and its limits?

Permissible Exposure Limit

What is the permissible exposure limit for lead?

The permissible exposure level of lead is 50ug/m3.

What do the letters STEL stand for in a safety data sheet?

There are multiple acronyms for STEL. The primary acronyms for STEL are: Short Term Exposure Level, Short Time Exposure Limit, Short Term Exposure Limit, Solar Terrestrial Environment Laboratory, and Stand for Threshold Limit.

What happens if you are in a tanning bed while on Zoloft?

You may have greater sensitivity to light and should limit your exposure. You'll burn more easily.

What is the Permissible Exposure Limit for hydrochloric acid?

The Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) for hydrogen chloride (the gaseous form of hydrochloric acid) is 5 ppm, or 7 mg/m3, as a ceiling limit. This limit applies to airborne vapor concentrations, not to skin contact with a liquid form of this material.

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