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You should go to bed earlier for growth and to start the next day less tired!

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Q: Why should you get to bed earlier?
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Is it better for a child to go to bed earlier or later?

It is much better for a child to go to bed earlier.

Does playing sports change the amount of sleep a 9 year old child should get?

yes, they should go to bed earlier

What are some sleep solutions?

Get to bed earlier!

What does it mean when you have a dream about your BEST friend moving away?

It means absolutely nothing you should probably go to bed a little earlier!

If you are used to going to sleep really late what is a good way to go to sleep earlier?

Set your alarm for 8 hours later than the time you go to bed. Every couple of days, gradually set it earlier and get up when it goes off. After about a week, you should be tired enough to go to bed much earlier than you had been doing.

How do Teenagers fight Fatigue?

Go to bed earlier.

Can you start a sentence with earlier?

Earlier this morning, I went for a run along the beach.

How do you start going to bed a few hours earlier?

Vietnam IPA

My mommy and daddy were under the covers in bed and daddy groaned and it was bedtime but earlier they said not to come out of bed What were they doing?

Making you a sibling!

What do you do when you are so sleepy but your in class?

Try your best to concentrate and go to bed earlier

Why do kids go to bed earlier than adults?

because adults suck

What time should a 43 year old man go to bed?

A 43 year old man is obviously an adult and he can go to bed at anytime he pleases. However, if he is a nighthawk and not going to bed with his girlfriend or wife then they should sit down, communicate and get to the root of the problem. Most 43 year old men that work during the day generally go to bed around 11 PM to midnight and a few even earlier.