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its considered a life long commitment because its easier to gain weight then lose it, so your whole life you have to work to keep it off

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Q: Why should the treatment of obesity be viewed as a lifelong commitment rather than just a short episode of weight loss?
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Should treatment of obesity be a long life commitment of weight loss?

Yes it should be

What is the meaning if bariatris?

Bariatric medicine is the study of obesity and the treatment of obesity. It often includes the treatment options, related conditions stemming from obesity, the genetics involved in obesity and the symptoms of obesity and related conditions.

What has the author John H Anderson written?

John H. Anderson has written: 'The treatment of obesity' -- subject(s): Obesity, Treatment

Where can I find out more about obesity?

You can find information about obesity and how to prevent or overcome it in most libraries or on the internet. There are sites that discuss the definition, treatment, and recommendations for obesity such as this one

What is the branch of medicine that deals with the causes and treatment of obesity?


Where can I find more information on treatment of obesity ?

I am not really sure about this one you can try a link such as or maybe which will give you full break down on what exactly obesity is

How is obesity treated in alternative medicine?

Treatment of obesity depends primarily on the degree of a person's overweight and his or her overall health. However, to be successful, any treatment must affect life-long behavioral changes

What is the best treatment for obesity?

Obesity is a very common problem in America. One can treat obesity by increasing exercise, watching what they eat, and being under the care of a health care professional.

Where can I found out about meaning of bariatric?

Bariatrics is the branch of medicine that involves obesity. Prevention of obesity is included in this. Bariatrics also deals with the treatment of obesity.

How can i use obesity in a sentence?

Bariatric is the medical term referring to the treatment and prevention of obesity. An example sentence would be: She was prepared for her bariatric surgery.

What makes obesity not a disease?

Obesity is a combination of various diseases like hormone imbalances, various deficiencies and nutritional exhaustion. Before the problem of obesity can be taken care of the underlying conditions need to be managed. Therefore, obesity in itself is not a disease but a condition however, since its a resultant of multiple diseases, the treatment to obesity is multidirectional.

Where can I found out about definition bariatric?

Bariatric refers to obesity and obesity related diets, foods, surgeries, doctors, etc. A techincal definition might say something like referring to the cause, prevention, or treatment of obesity.