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Every body should stay away from the drugs.

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Q: Why should students stay away from drugs?
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What substances should you stay away from to keep your body healthy?


Should be avoided when trying to stay away from sexual situations?

using drugs or alcohol

When are you old enough to do drugs?

You should never do drugs, even if they become legal at a certain age like tobacco. You should do what your teachers at school told you and just say no. Even if they feel good at the moment, drugs can do you nothing but harm. Stay away from them. If this doesn't convince you, look up crystal meth addicts on google images. Those pictures should be enough to scare you away from ever doing drugs. I repeat, stay away from them.

How can you pass your Walmart drug test?

You should stay away from Drugs and Alcohol. Walmart will not only test you for Drugs but also alcohol. The test will determine the presence or use of drugs and/or alcohol.

What are ways of avoiding drugs?

stay away from bad companysay NO when offered drugsWAlK away when people offer you drugs

Why should youth stay away from drugs?

Because I believe their minds are still forming and learning so why destroy good brain cells?

What would you advise to people you know that you do drugs?

stay away from the ones that can kill you

How long does crack stay in a pregnant womans urine?

You are requested to stay away from drugs, specially during pregnancy.

Alex Rodriguez Go Away-Rod or Stay-Rod?

arod's on drugs! arod's on drugs! i knew it from the beggining. take that new york! but i think they should just let him go because he used steroids.

Is there anything good in drugs?

well no drugs ruin your life unless you want to end up in rehab well then stay away from drugs and friends that have or supplie them

Does sniffing drugs affect you?

Yes. Like if you walked in on someone smoking weed and you inhale it you just took drugs. But if it was by accident and you sniffed it for a very short period of time (like a few seconds) Then you should be okay. Stay away from drugs. It'll get you into trouble.

How do you keep the brain healthy so you can remember things better?

Stay away from drugs .