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Because old people are considered to be smarter than younger people, AND they can't move very well.

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Q: Why should people respect the old?
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How do you answer negligence questions on old people?

Old people are people, not commodities, you yourself will be old one day. People, whatever their age, should be treated with care and respect if this is not happening the person abusing another person should have their liberty and possessions forfeit.

Are filipino people learn how to love and respect black or white people?

they should. you should respect everybody weather they are white or black.

What can get from old people?

wisdom and love respect and prosparaty

Austic people should have respect?

Yes, as should everyone else.

How do you recpect people Habbo?

you have to be 2 weeks old to respect people on habbo

What should people expect from others?

Respect and compassion

What are the release dates for How to Be Excellent - 2013 Respect Old People 1-4?

How to Be Excellent - 2013 Respect Old People 1-4 was released on: USA: 16 December 2013

What are facts about respect and discipline?

if you want someone to respect you, you need to respect them back. respect people the same way you would to be tread as well.We should respect them as they do with us. Be patient with them.

Why should i respect and value your body?

You should respect and value the bodies of other people because I'm sure you would not want other people to disrespect and devalue your body.

What should you do with an old Irish flag?

You should take care of it and treat it with respect. If it is not in a good condition, it should not be used.

Why should people respect places of worship?

They are the places where people worship and learn about God. We need to respect what people believe and who they are even though they may be different.

Why should you respect other religions?

you show respect because older people are bigger than you so show respect .....AnswerYou show respect in order to get respect; meaning that it really does not matter how people treat you, it's how you treat the people that do wrong to you. Basically what goes around comes around and nobody wants to die the life they live. So no matter what happens in life keep a clean slate for your own self respect and you will surely be rewarded for it. I know it's not fair, but nothing in life is, except our choices. They are free and help make a great difference in this old world. Some people you should respect are parents,siblings,teacher,peers,and others like a police officer