Why should kids work together?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Kids should work together to learn new ideas and be sociable

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Q: Why should kids work together?
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Why should kids work at the age of 13?

i believe that if kids work at 13 they will become more responsible.

How do circulatory system and respiratory system work together for kids workwork?


What age should kids legally work?


What did hiram Rhodes revels argue in the senate?

That whites and blacks should live together.

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You should try to work it out and see if you and mate are ment to be together. You should try to work it out and see if you and mate are ment to be together.

Why should kids do their work in school?

Kids should do their work in school because if they do their work in school they will basically have a great life they will get a good job when they get older and a good family and also graduate and get a masters degree

What are wives' duties?

This is 2010 there are no wives' duties! Running a home is now a job that should be done together. I do think that if the wife stays home and the husband works that she should have atleast the majority of the house work done and take care of the kids but if u both work then they should be equally shared.

Should kids be able to work at young age?

Kids in no circumstances should be working, because you said 'THEY ARE KIDS'. At adolescence, they should be learning for: what is work, what is the value of working etc. in the school (still not be working) until they are of age 18 (or at age 16, but with the permission of the parents/duardians)

Should kids be allowed to not do homework after doing work at school?


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To solve problems.

What age should kids work out?

I think they should start working out at age 15-16

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Because if they get married they should really stay together especially if they have kids that would be horrible for them.