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When mixed together, ammonia and bleach form chlorine gas which is harmful for lung, or at least concentration irritant for eyes, airways, skin etc...

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Q: Why should ammonia and bleach be stored separately in your home?
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Describe the dangers posed by hazardous compounds in the home?

There should be none as long as adequately ventilated & securely stored. They must also be compatible. Some are never stored together (bleach/acid) Notice how pool supply companies never keep them near each other? Same as bleach & ammonia.

Why should acids and bases be segregated away from each other?

Acids and bases should be stored separately from each other because of the possibility of violent reactions and/or fumes. Ammonium hydroxide specifically can give off ammonia gas when reacting with acids. Ammonia gas can be dangerous at high levels.

Which foods if any should be stored and prepared separately?

All of

How should ammonia be stored?

There are many ways to store. Normally we store it as a gas.

What should we do to avoid taking poisons materials by mistake?

Both in industry and the home. poisonous materials should be stored separately and be clearly marked. Safety advice in handling the materials, and the availability of protective equipment, should be used to train operatives before they are allowed to handle the material. In a home, especially if there are children, poisonous medicines and bleach, etc, should be stored well out of the reach of children.

How bleach can be store in medical clinics?

The bleach should be stored in glass or plastic bottles capable of not being affected by the bleach. The bottles or containers should be clearly marked. The bleach should be stored in a secure cupboard that children will be unable to gain access to. Finally, child-proof tops should be used - which is now normal due to Health & Safety regulations.As a post script: : safety instructions, should bleach be swallowed or reaches the eyes, must be posted in an obvious position - along with emergency telephone numbers.

What is an appropriate step to take if you are storing incompatible chemicals?

An appropriate step to take when storing incompatible chemicals is to keep the chemicals stored in different locations. For example, bleach and ammonia need to be stored some distance away from each other.

Why should soft cookies and crisp cookies be stored separately?

Because the crisp cookies will absorb moisture from the soft ones - and lose their crispness. Cookies should be stored in an air-tight container.

Place where weapons and ammunition are stored?

Weapons and ammunition are stored in an armory, magazine, silo, arsenal or at a weapons or ammo dump. In a home they should be stored in a secure safe or chamber/trigger locked with ammunition locked up separately.

What is a duplicate file program or disk stored separately?

A Backup

What is the difference between anydrous ammonia and aqueous ammonia?

Anhydrous ammonia is pure ammonia. Under normal conditions it is a gas, but it is usually stored as a liquid under pressure. Aqueous ammonia is ammonia dissolved in water. Household ammonia is a 3% solution of aqueous ammonia.

Raw shrimp and potato salad must be stored how when being transported for off site service?