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Because - if they've had either a local or general anaesthetic, they could, without warning suffer an adverse reaction. At least, if the patient takes ill while still on the premises (a) the staff can administer first-aid and (b) they can summonm the emergency services.

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Q: Why should a patient be confirmed fit to leave a dental surgery?
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Should someone come and get you after dental surgery?

You should not drive after any surgery where you have gone "under" .

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the patient should come to the clinic or hospital one to seven days prior to surgery. The physician will review the proposed surgery with the patient and answer any questions. He

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Dental surgery is one of several medical procedures, which involves artificially modifying teeth, in other words, teeth and jaw surgery. Teeth are a very important part of the body. We use them basically to grind and chew our foods. Simple brushing and flossing is the first step for proper dental care. However, there are instances when cleaning and brushing are not enough to address the more serious issues about our teeth and this is when we leave for dental surgery and the best dentists and dental surgeons in India Let’s look for services. There are many reasons why one might get dental surgery. There are cosmetic reasons such as incorrect jaw counts and dental implant surgery. Dental surgery can occur if you have teeth that are affected by the gums and need to be removed. This type of dental surgery should be performed by an oral surgeon. Some of the more common types of .....(more)

What is a good 7 day diet plan for a heart surgery patient?

A seven-day diet plan for a heart surgery patient would depend on the type of surgery and the underlying condition. For example, a valve replacement patient may not need significant fat and sodium restriction beyond that of a normal patient. A neonatal heart surgery patient should be on breastmilk.

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"A laser dentist should be certified by the Academy of Laser Dentistry, as well as the American Dental Association. They should also have either a Doctorate of Dental Medicine or a Doctorate of Dental Surgery, like a standard dentist."

How is the patient prepared for the penile prostheses implant surgery?

The patient should be informed of risks and benefits and the sexual partner should be involved in discussions. Prior to surgery, antibacterial cleansing occurs and the surrounding areas are shaved.

Is it safe to have an operation while taking Zyban?

Zyban is one of the medications which you should inform the doctor of if you are going to undergo surgery. This includes dental surgery as well as general surgery.

Nauceous after out patient surgery?

typical form anesthesia - should go away

Can a doctor refuse care after he has done surgery?

The entire process should be made clear before the surgery is done. Sometimes the surgeon will only do the surgery and the family doctor or another doctor is responsible for all followup. Such a procedure should be made clear to the patient before the surgery. It is important that a family member or other person go with the patient to surgery to obtain follow up information. Frequently the patient is dazed and does not understand followup instructions. You should have written instructions for followup care that you received following surgery. That should tell you which medical personnel you are to use.

How does the health of a patient factor in on the decision to proceed with outpatient surgery?

Patients should be in good health before undergoing ambulatory surgery.