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because ROM came from latin route rome which is the place of love and the goddess

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Q: Why romantic is called romantic?
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Where do you find romantic music?

One can find romantic music at a website called Youtube. The website called Live365 also provides romantic music over the internet using radio services.

Is the romantic songs called soft melody?


Romantic ballets flowing white skirts are known as?

If I'm understanding correctly, they're called romantic tutus. :)

Is there a manga 4 superGALS?

yh there is i like shojo manga which is romantic so there is a romantic/comedy called chibi vampire and there is a romantic/comedy which is quite adult called absolute boyfriend but there is a fantasy one caller +anime and is very good.

Why is The Romantic Road So Special TO Germany?

The Romantic Road in Bavaria and Baden Wurttemburg is populated by beautiful Roman and medieval villages. It is called the Romantic Road because of the romantic towns along the route from Wurtzburg to Fussen.

Which romantic drink starts with the letter M?

One romantic drink is a mixture of champagne and orange juice called Mimosa.

Which movement is called Scherzo in the Romantic Era?

Could be the third.

The origin of thr English language?

The English language is a romantic language. Other romantic languages include Italian and Spanish. All three of these languages came from Latin, which is why they are called "romantic" languages.

Where is the most romantic place in America?

The most romantic place in America is in a small town called Wethersfield in CT. It is so romantic and beautiful. the perfect place to cuddle up on a bench or kiss in the park.

Which preface is called the Magna Carta of Romantic movement?

lyrical ballads

Is Niagara Falls a romantic place?

Of course. That's why it is called " The Honeymoon Capital of the World." The most romantic place ever. (Can you tell I live in Niagara Falls?)

Mary Rose and Harrison are characters in what?

They are characters in a romantic novel called "For the Roses".