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There are more than one type of polio. The one that most people fear the most is the one which causes paralysis. I think that would be the definition of a crippling disease.

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does polio hurt?

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Q: Why polio is called crippling disease?
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Why was Franklin Deleno Roosevelt in a wheelchair?

He had had polio, a crippling and killing disease, when he was young.

Each year thousands of children in the US were struck by the crippling disease polio what person developed a new vaccine which greatly reduced the incidence of this dreaded disease?

Jonas Salk developed the polio vaccination.

How did Roosevelt respond to the crippling of polio?

Actually, he was thought to have polio, but in 2003, scientist found that he didn't have polio, but a rare disease called Landry-Guillain-Barre syndrome, which acts almost like polio in the way that it tricks the immune system into attacking healthy cells in the nervous system, this is called autoimmune disorder.

What called the infectious disease which often results in paralysis?


What type of organism causes polio?

Polio is a word that can mean one of two things, the virus or the disease The Polio disease which you are referring to is called poliomyelitis. The organism that causes it is a viral organism (virus). The name of the virus that causes poliomyelitis (polio disease) is called Poliovirus. The virus is a normal RNA virus from the Picornaviridae and genus enterovirus family.

Is polio a disease or a virus?

polio is a disease caused by the poliovirus

Why did Wilma Rudolph have to wear a brace?

She had polio in her left foot. Polio was a crippling disease that had no cure.

Is polio a microbial disease?

polio is a microbal disease itr is caused by viruses

How big is polio?

Polio has no size, It's a disease.

What are the chances of getting a child with polio if husbands father is polio affected?

Polio is not an inherited disease; it is an infectious disease caused by a virus.

Is polio a hereditary disease and if not why?

Polio is NOT hereditary. It is caused by a virus, poliovirus, that is highly contagious. A vaccine exists to prevent catching the disease.

Why was polio vaccine so important?

If you can get all the children of your locality polio vaccinated, there is least liklihood of future generation having contacted polio disease. By this way the impact of polio vaccination is immese. By rigorous polio vaccination drive, India has been declared by WHO as polio free country for two consecutive years.