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cus they are horny

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Q: Why people eat soup before meal?
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What do the people in auschwits eat?

the noon meal consisted of about a liter of soup. and in the mornings before work they would have coffee or tea.

Can you have soup for breakfast?

of course you can you can have soup for any meal

During the holidays what type of food do Czech people eat?

From what i hear they eat mushroom soup, potato pancakes, otplaxky, they have a 14 course meal.

Is soup lunch?

Soup is a great food to eat for lunch, but is also served often for the evening meal.

Can you eat a meal before or after working out?

You should eat a Meal before you start your workout and after

Do you eat an entree before or after a meal?

you eat aentrre before

What do Greece people eat the most?

They eat soup. things like Easter soup.

What is misco soup?

soup that the Japanese people eat. hooray!

Does most people eat with spoons or forks?

in my family FORKS. the reason why is we wont eat soup. i went to tokeo last night and they said we go the day before thanksgiving and they gave me a stupid fork to eat my soup! DUMB! i hated their soup anyway soo lol

What is the first meal you eat on Ramadan?

their are many foods that we eat in aftar but soup it is always the first.soup it help stomach to start working.

Do you eat fruit before or after meals?

Fruit takes longer to digest so when eating a meal it can slow down your digestion progress making you feel bloated. It really doesn't matter whether you eat fruit before or after a meal. If you eat fruit before a meal, you tend to eat less. If you eat it after a meal it's kind of like a desert.

Is soup a good lunch?

no,no,no Another answer would be it depends on the type of soup , and what constitutes a meal. Some hospital patients can't eat solid foods , so a consomme( clear brothy soup) is eaten this provides some nutrients, most if the consomme is made with meat and vegetables , or what a doctor would prescribe as far as food allergies go. But many people around the world eat some kind of soup as a meal. made with nutritious ingredients , can satisfy almost all of ones requirements for a healthy meal. One example would be beef barley soup, made with vegetables , tomatoes, barley and beef, is about as close to a well rounded meal as you can get.