Why people are so nosey?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They're stupid and ugly like Victoria Skehan.

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Q: Why people are so nosey?
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What do you call nosey people?

nosey people.

Why are people so into drama?

Dont worry about it you nosey low life punk.:)

Why are librarians so nosey?

its because the have nothing else to do but look at what people are doing. i would know from experience

Is Lil Chuckee related to Chris Brown?

I don't think so man get a life and stay out of people business nosey

What does nosey mean?

it means that you dont mind you own business and people want you to stay out of it because its not any of your business. got that? its okay alot of people are nosey. its all good.

Is it nosey or nosy?


What is nosey?

nosey looking in others thing

Is Noah braeske nosey?

he is very freaking nosey.

What is ngohi in maori?

If i remember correctly it is nosey. As in your being nosey.

What does chris brown's house look like?

none of your beeswax you nosey people

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Nosey Parker - film - was created in 2003.