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If pressure is higher in the inside of the eardrum, the eardrum will pop. If pressure is higher outside the eardrum cave in.

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Q: Why must the pressure remain the same on both sides of the ear drum?
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What maintains equal pressure on both sides of the ear drum?

Eustachian tubes

What is the function of the eustation tubes?

to maintain equivalent air-pressure on both sides of the ear drum.

What organ system are eustachian tubes in?

Eustachian tubes are part of our auditory system their function is to equalize pressure on both sides of our ear drum so that it can vibrate freely.

What vibrates in a drum?

In a drum, the air sealed inside the drum vibrates and makes both the membranes of the drum plus and any small holes drilled in the sides of the drum. The vibrations get transferred to the air outside of the drum and then into your eardrums.

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What causes a burst ear drum?

An ear drum bursts by water putting pressure on the back of it.

How calculate actual boiler drum level?

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What is the pressure of a sound on an ear drum?

The sound pressure wave is travelling down the ear canal, hits the area of the eardrum, which vibrates ... just like a drum! Sound pressure p = force F divided by area A.

Why maintain distillation column and distillation drum pressure?


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