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Q: Why might an intelligence-altering operation be unethical or risky?
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Why might an intelligence altering operation be unethical or risky?

It could damage the sensitive brain tissue causing brain damage or worse.

What does 'potentially risky food' mean?

"Potentially risky food" is food that might be unsafe to eat, but you don't know for sure whether that is the case.

If you've got a strawberry birthmark on your back could you have an operation to remove it?

I have one on my back, and yes you can get it removed (my Doctor has told me) but it is risky depending on how big it is.

Why might surface mining be less risky for miners than underground mining?

They mine above ground

Can you stick a battery up your anus?

That sounds risky - it might get stuck, and you might need to go to a hospital to get it out again. Somewhat dangerous... as well as embarrasing.

How do risky investments influence businesses?

Risky investments make the company more vulnerable towards the market frictions. If the company is making risky investments - shareholders and debt-holders might require higher rate of return on their capital. Basically, the riskier the investment the more costly it is for the business.

Are the reproductive parts of captive red eared sliders removed before sale in Singapore?

Highly unlikely - as that would involve a risky operation under general anaesthetic.

Can you send money to soldiers over seas?

Yes you can send money to soldiers but it will be risky robbers might get it BUT they might not so it's up to you! save or send?

Is binweevils safe to buy membership by PayPal?

I don't think so because if you do it might be risky if there no payment letter

Can you mix two different types of saltwater angelfish?

Not unless you have an 800+ gallon tank and even that might be risky.

What is bad habits?

Something risky that might get you or other drivers injured. One example is tailgating the car in front of you.