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because men like his girlfriend very much than girls likes their boy friend.

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Q: Why men can tell their girlfriends they love them?
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How do Egyptian men love their girlfriends?

In the sphinxter

Is Terry Wong Gay?

No...he's straight. He has dumped 7 girlfriends. But gay men love him.

How do you tell your ex girlfriends best mate you love her when you have jut broke up with your ex?

wait a while then tell her.if u love her i will be worth the wait

How do you tell your best friend you don't want to be girlfriends with her?

just tell her that your strait or not in love with her and hope this doesn't effect your friendship.

How can you tell if your boyfriend loves or still has feelings for one of his old girlfriends?

you can tell. if he want's to make time for you, he obviously love's you.

Do all men want you for your body?

And to make ex girlfriends jealous, or to find stuff about you that they can tell their friends.

Why do females always tell men they love them and men dont love them back?

Because men are stupid.

Why do guys not like to tell their girlfriends their girlfriends their feelings?

Girlfriends or women in general tend to over-think situations, thoughts, or actions which make men not want to share certain aspects of their life as it could potentially lead to "drama".

What do people of a nation share as a citizen?

i love to have sex with my girlfriends!

Can men with AS have girlfriends?


You and your ex girlfriends best friend are dating but you dont know how to tell her about it what do you do?

ok this happend to me but with my boyfriend.just talk to her and explain its love

How can you win your girlfriends trust again?

Tell her the truth! The best thing you can do is apologize and tell her the truth! If you've done some untrustworthy things before it's really up to her if she really wants to trust you again. Tell her you made a horrible mistake and tell her you weren't thinking. Women love it when men admit they were wrong, and they made the mistake!