Why man like to pee on women?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You might want to do that when having sex. It's like a habit men like to do.

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Q: Why man like to pee on women?
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Can woman and men pee together at the same time?

Yes, because the man has to pee like he usually does and women pee sitting down but like a boy, you have to stand up and aim you vagina properly to make the pee go into the toilet or else the pee is gonna be all over the floor!

What kind man like to pee on women?

I think that it is nasty but to each is own if that is something you enjoy then go for it

Why do women like to pee their jeans?

I didnt know girls did pee

Do women get turned on when they pee on their man in the shower?

Some might, but most wouldn't.

Can a man and women pee at the same time?

Yes it is. But just not in the samE TOILET!

What role do women have in Shinto?

to lick booty and suck pee wees and do a man and bear

Do women wake up aroused?

from a women's point of view its because we are all warm down there and after holding pee for hours it stimulates your clit after you finally pee in the am. And sex dreams but mostly same as a man's morning wood its from holding pee.

What sound do you make when you pee like a ppsss or sshhh sound?

when guys pee its its like a drip dropping kinda sound. Women its like ppsss haha

Why do guys like it when women pee their pants?

im pretty sure they dont

How do men pee like women?

Men can sit down on the toilet to pee, similar to how women do. This can help prevent splashing and keep the area around the toilet cleaner. Some men find it more comfortable or convenient to sit down to pee, especially at home or in private bathrooms.

Is it normal for men to watch women pee?

"Normal" is subjective and doesn't really give any foundation for measurement. Some women (and men) like watching the opposite sex pee. It is a sexual fetish. The "viewer" is aroused or gains some other satisfaction from it. It is usually harmless. If it has become an addiction then it needs to be treated as any other addiction.

Why does survivor man like to drink his own pee?

he drinks him pee because he has nothing else to drink and if he doesnt drink it he will die