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So that one can determine whether or not the kidneys are working properly.

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Q: Why it is important to accurately fill in a fluid balance chart?
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1 After inserting the catheter what type of documentation is required by the RN?

Fluid balance chart

What is meant by the term fluid balance?


Why do you use fluid balance charts?

A "fluid balance" chart is also known as an "I/O" chart for intake and output. An I/O is the record a nurse or nursing staff writes, giving the intake and output of fluids in ml/cc's. The I/O includes what is taken in through IVs, gastric lavages, catheter flushes, as well as orally or rectally (such as during an enema). "Return" after an enema, amounts from drainage or returns from flushes, and urinary output create the totals for "output".

Which organ is responsible the bodys water balance?

Osmoregulatory organs besides the kidney play important roles in body fluid-ion balance.

Does the insensible fluid loss must be recorded in fluid balance chart in icu?

Firstly, please review your nearest textbook concerned with sentence structure and grammar. Secondly, kindly review the definition of insensible. Last but not least, answer your own question.

Should a person post operatively have a positive or negative fluid balance?

Usually positive fluid balance.

What type of urination does a balance sheet provide?

Fluid Balance

What organ systems are important in the regulation of fluid electrolyte and acid base balance?

mainly kidney then in less extent skin,lungs

What system controls the function of nutrition and fluid balance?

Type your answer here... digestive system works with the fluid balance and nutritions

Which gland contributes to adjustment of fluid balance?

The adrenal glands which are found on top of the kidneys help to adjust fluid balance through electrolyte balance. The posterior portion of the pituitary gland secretes anti diuretic hormone which also contributes to fluid balance in the body.

What system plays biggest role in fluid balance?

Kidneys play biggest role in fluid balance. They are part of the excretory system.

Why integration and derivation is important in chemical engineering?

integration and derrivation have maney applications in chemical engineering .they are used to make calculions in heat transfer ,mass transfer,mass balance,energy balance ,fluid mechanic,process controle which are important topics in chemical engineering.