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Mmm... Is it drops of blood or constant bleeding? It doesn't sound too good either way. A few days after is probably ok, as long as you keep washing it out twice a day with mouthwash/salt water. If it's been more than a few days, go back to your piercing professional or a doctor.

If you've been spitting too much that might be causing the wound to tear.

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15y ago
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yees ,

its totally normal ,

i jus called my piercer they said

it suppose to its normal .

he said slight bleedin will happen

from time to time and to except

color changes too .

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The tongue piercing should be swollen but shouldn't bleed after the initial piercing, i have mine doe and its never bled since the initial piercing and it has never being pussy. I would get it checked out just in case.

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13y ago

Yes. You've just had a big hole punched through it! the good new is that tonuges heal very quickly.

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15y ago

its because piercing is bad for your tongue VERY BAD!

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Q: Why is your tongue bleeding after a day of the percing?
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Can you smoke marawana after you get a tongue percing?

marijuana* and not immediately

What happens if your tongue bleeds the day after getting it periced?

Well you have a hole in your tongue, so naturally a little bleeding the day after is not unusual. Just follow your after care and all should be fine, if the bleeding becomes heavy get in to your local hospital emergency room asap.

Which hurts more lip or tongue percing?

well i have not had my lip pierced but i have had the Labret which is very close to the lip and i have my tongue pierced you cannot feel your tongue being pierced, but its almost immpossible to eat for about a week . The labret hurt like hell though.

How do you convince your mum to get a percing?

Let them know its just a percing, and if they dont like it youll take it out. Research up on the percing and give them information about them and also show proof.

Why is tongue piercing riskier than body piercing?

because there is the risk of hitting an artery in your tongue and bleeding out. An experienced piercer will have no problem with a tongue piercing though.

Your tongue piercing keeps bleeding?

Well time to visit your doctor.

Can you kiss your boyfriend after you pieced your tongue?

Yes, once the bleeding has stopped.

What does it mean if your tongue is still bleeding the day after you got it peirced?

Well that's not uncommon and will ease off and stop as soon as the body can heal the cut vessels in your tongue. You want to keep talking down to a minimum for the next while to let the piercing heal.

Can a lip percing give u cancer?


Do you count the first day of your period as the day you start bleeding even if it started in the evening or is the first full day of actual bleeding the first day of your period?

Yes. The day you start bleeding is day 1 of your cycle.

Will your tongue heal even it hits the vein?

It depends on the person. Usually you don't get your tongue pierced if your vein is in the way because it causes excessive bleeding.

What does it mean if your tongue is still bleeding the day after you got it pierced?

Well a couple of things. 1) the tongue swelling is excessive. 2) the piercing placement is wrong and a vein has been hit. 3) you are playing with the tongue piercing too much and irritating it. Needing more information about the situation, the above should be starting points for you to consider.