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The question should be why is MY left hand always cold.

My left hand is never cold but my sisters is always.

The reasons could be:

No blood circulation

Body is on a low temp.

The place your in is cold

Or your just not moving your hand

Hope this helped!


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This is not normal for a healthy person unless each hand is exposed to a different external temperature, such as a heat source or something cold.

For instance, if you hold a cold beverage in one hand and/or a warm sandwich in the other hand, your hands will most likely have different temperatures. This effect is completely reversible and is not a cause for concern unless either hand approaches temperatures that might damage your skin such as through burns or frostbite.

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it means that ur rght hand is tougher than ur lft ?!!

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If it's just that one finger, you might be experiencing Raynaud's phenomenon. Next time it happens, snap a picture with your cell phone and show your health care provider.

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Q: Why is your left hand colder than your right?
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