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Without knowing your girlfriend or the particulars of your relationship, making an accurate prognosis is next to impossible. However there are a number of general reasons why girlfriends in general are paranoid.

1) Noticing Other Girls: Every girl expects her partner's eyes to wander; this is a natural part of being human and you should expect your girl's eyes to wander as well. However, if it is done too often, it sends the signal that you are not terribly into her. (Otherwise you would be looking at her instead of everyone else.)

2) Unexplained Absences: A lot of girls (just like a lot guys) want to know (generally speaking) where they can expect their partner to be at any given time. If you work 9-5, but do not come home until 8:00 PM or later with no explanation, your girlfriend will begin to suspect something. To alleviate this problem, the easiest thing to do is just be honest. If you hang out with co-workers at a bar (for example), invite her to come along one night. Most likely, she'll graciously refuse and you have not lost any ground. If she takes you up on it, show her a good time, but explain that you would prefer if she did not come more often since this is your alone/friend time and you, like her, are entitled.

3) Sexual Libido Changes: Unless you and your girlfriend have come to an understanding that the relationship between the two of you is non-sexual (i.e. Waiting for Marriage or something similar), the two of you will have intimate moments on a somewhat regular basis. If this amount decreases or increases substantially in a short period of time, the girl will be tipped off that something else is probably going on. The best way to deal with this is through honesty. Tell her the emotional or physical reasons as to why you have a decreased or increased sexual appetite so that she knows that you are aware of what is going on.

4) Emotions Radically Change: If you suddenly stop liking things that you used to love or become very excitable when you used to be calmer, these are strong indications that something else is going on in your life. The best way to deal with this is through honesty. Tell her the reasons why you have a changed emotional state so that she knows that you are aware of what is going on.

5) Certain Professions: Certain professions in the service industry, such as masseuse or bartender, require the worker to perform a lot of intimate touching, flirting, or emotional conversations. For many girls, these activities appear to be genuine affection. To assuage the problem (without quitting the job) remind the girl that you only really love her and that you come home to her every night, not your patrons.

6) Wired That Way: Some girls are inherently insecure. There is really nothing you can do about that, but this is the rarest of the listed reasons

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Maybe she thinks you are a wacko. On the other hand, maybe she is just engaging in inappropriate behaviour.

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Man- up

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Q: Why is your girlfriend so paraniod?
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