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doubt about you

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Q: Why is your girlfriend always cold?
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Why are you always cold?

Why am I Always cold

Who do you like as a girlfriend?

what i like about girlfriend is that she is always the when you need her support

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When you first see her If she seems uncertain of herself If she's cold If she says something really nice or sweet to you Always when you say goodbye

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The Antarctic Desert is always cold.

Is Toronto Canada always cold?

is it always cold in toronto

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Do you want to have a girlfriend? You can always talk to your dad.

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Your always cold in the evening because your fat

What is the Weather like at south pole?

It's always cold, always dry, and almost always cloudy and windy.

What do you do if you have a girlfriend that only will talk to you if you embarrass yourself?

Dump. Get a girlfriend who will always talk to you.

What do you do when your girlfriend is always broke?

fix her

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