Why is warmth important?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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because if you are cold in your home you wont be able to get to sleep because you wont be comfortable. And when there is a lack of sleep in your life your concentration level drop as well as your mood.

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Q: Why is warmth important?
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Is it important to cut the hairs in a horses ears?

It is important NOT to because they are important for filtering and feeling and warmth.

Why is fire important?

Fire provides warmth, ability to cook, and give light

What are conditions for exponential growth?

Ample available nutrients and Warmth. Removal of Wastes becomes important soon after growth proliferates.

The most important member of your solar system is the?

The Sun, it provides light and warmth.

What was one of the most important discoveries for the ever made - saber-toothed?

The use of fire as the most important because we needed warmth.

Why was the development of fire important to early humans?

It was important becuase they use it for tools, food and they use it to take out toxins. They use it for warmth. It was like technology back then.

Why are hot spots so important?

because tourists can make money off of taking pictures of it. and it can be the offspring warmth

Why are hot spots important?

Because tourist make money off taking pictures of it and also it's an offspring of warmth

Why is the blanket so important in the story?

because blankets give you warmth and the feeling of happiness and being close and wanted :o

Was china houses important to the people?

yes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, of course! Homes provide shelters and warmth to the people and protection to unpredictable elements!

What is the German word for warmth?

The German word for warmth is Wärme.

Where does the Gulf Stream get its warmth?

the gulf stream gets its warmth from the tropics