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"White" or clear urine means you have been drinking a lot/good amount of water and liquids and generally means you are well hydrated.

Yellow urine usually indicates that you should probably try to get higher water intake to hydrate your body a bit more as you're not getting as much water as you probably should be.

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It dependon how much water you drink. If your urine is white it's because you had alot of water that day over your normal amount. If it's a pale yellow it means u have had a normal amount of water. But if it's a bright darker yellow it means that U have had not enough water.

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i hear that yellow urine just means that you are dehydrated.

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Q: Why is urine some times yellow and some times white?
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What causes yellow urine you are drinking plenty of water and it doesn't smell and you don't hurt?

Some vitamins and some soft rinks can cause urine to be yellow. The B vitamins often cause urine to be very yellow.

What is the color of urine?

Urine can be of different colors. This is due to the different foods or liquids we introduce to our body. (i.e. introducing dyes into your system, drugs we take, etc.) But the normal color of urine is either yellow or pale straw. some times it can be orange, yellow, clear!!

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Why sometimes urine in yellow and How can we control it?

Yellow urine is caused by some degree of dehydration. Drink water, and make sure you have enough salt in your body.

What does it mean when your pee is neon yellow?

Answer Are you taking vitamins? A common reason is from multivitamins. Vitamin A & Vitamin B tends to make your urine a highlighter yellow. I have just researched that drinking too many energy drinks that contain B Vitamins can do this too.

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