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Because it can block off the circulation of blood going to your heart, which can cause heart attacks.

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To much fat around the heart can clog your arteries, which pump blood to the heart. Without blood pumping to the heart the heart will stop.

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Q: Why is too much fat around the heart dangerous?
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Why is there so much fat associated with a sheep heart?

There is a lot of fat associated with a sheep heart for a few reasons. One reason is that these animals do not move much.

What is the fat ring around a worm?

the fat ring around a worm is where its heart is.

How do too much fat in a diet leads to heart disease?

to much fat in adiet leads toheart disease because the fat surounds the heart and leads to heart attack.

What does too much fat do to you?

It makes YOU fat, it can cause narrowing of the blood vessels around your heart and it can elevate your cholesterol value - neither of which is good for you.

The goal of weight loss is to maximize fat loss?

Ideally when you lose weight you will lose fat. Losing fat is the primary objective as carrying around too much fat can lead to health problems such as heart disease or cancer, particularly if you carry too much fat around your waist line.

What test are there to evaluate the heart?

Blood test, body weight and height can be very use full to see how much fat you have around your heart. AJ

Is belly fat the most dangerous type of fat?

Belly fat, or intra-abdominal fat, is the worst type of fat for the human body to carry. It is metabolically active, and raises estrogen levels in the blood. This can be dangerous because it can help to cause diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. It also puts pressure on the abdominal organs and puts stress on the heart.

Why does Caesar prefer fat men?

Caesar wants "fat men" around him for protection because he feared Cassius because he thinks that Cassius thinks to much so that he is dangerous.

Why do earthworms have a fat ring around them?

That's where their heart is.

What was the function of fat surrounding the heart?

Many times things that have fat around them need the fat for protection.

Which organ is most affected if you eat too much fat?

The Heart

Why is eating too much saturated fats dangerous?

It can cause lipids to line the walls of blood vessels and lead to heart disease.