Why is throw up so chunky?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Its chunky because it's all your food from your stomach! And this is my question so ya I just wanted answer a question u know!This was a random question by the way!

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Q: Why is throw up so chunky?
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Because your mom drank and smoked while you were born and threw up when she saw you!

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If you are in a park you try to throw up on the animals so the animals eat it. If your in the woods you want to throw up on the fire so the fire burns it away.

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you stick your finger into your mouth so it goes to the back of your mouth then you will throw up you stick your finger into your mouth so it goes to the back of your mouth then you will throw up

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Because it is..... :P

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not from what i hear but can make u throw up so be prepaired with a pot incase u throw up

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No. It is impossible. The only way they can throw up is due to either pregnancy or eating bad food. And if so, they will only throw up green stuff (puke).

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