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scar tissue from the piercing procedure.

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Q: Why is there something hard in your earring hole?
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What do you do if puss is coming out of you earring hole?

you have a ear infection !

What does the 'Girl with the Pearl Earring' represent?

Why must she represent something else than a girl with a pearl earring?

Can you take your earring out the first day they are pierce?

u can if u want the hole to close

Why do you have pus in your 10 year old belly button hole that has no ring in it?

Its just like an earring hole but I have no idea why they do that. Mine is 20 years old!

If your pierced hole is bleeding should you take out the earring?

Since i did my ears myself, my piercing holes were very tender and bleed if I irritated the earring. Anyways, if you take out your earring, it is likely that the hole will close up, so NO, do not take it out. I didn't, and now my ears are all healed and healthy. Just make sure you clean it with salt water [no hydrogen peroxide or alcohol].

How do you unlock a locked earring?

I just had my upper cartilage pierced and on the 4th week i took it out i just got a good grip on the back of the earring then i got a good grip on the front of the earring and i just pull hard.

How do Post earrings differ from stud earrings?

They are the same thing, both names are used to identify the same piece of jewellery. A post earring is one that has a post that goes through the ear, usually secured with a butterfly, as opposed to a wire, which is generally longer and more flexible. A stud earring is an earring design that sits on the ear lobe as opposed to a drop type earring which hangs from the lobe, or a hoop earring that incorporates the fastening as part of the earring. So, to sum up, a post is one of the ways in which an earring is designed to go through the pierced hole of the ear lobe and a stud earring is a style of earring.

Does having an earring affect hearing?

does ear ring affect something

At what age can you get your second earring hole?

Anytime you are old enough to make that decision, if you are a minor then you will need parental consent.

What to do when earring don't go in?

It depends on how long it has been out. I would use some rubbing alcohol on the hole then slowly force your earring in. just go a little bit at a time, and it will hurt, but hopefully it will work for you like it does for me.

What are earring plugs?

plugs you stick in your ear that cause nothing like water to get into your ear canal.

What earring do you wear in a second hole?

you should wear a small stud , nothing to outragious , because you can look too OTT!