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so the the ligth can pass througth esaly if it was not transparent then you could not see

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Q: Why is the vitreous humor transparent?
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Why are the aqueous and the vitreous humors transparent?

They are transparent so that you can see through your eye. The aqueous humor is the small amount of liquid in your cornea that is sort of watery and the vitreous humor is the jelly like inside. They are not always transparent, sometimes there are small clumps of stuff in the vitreous humor called floaters, sometimes you can see them in your vision.

What is the transparent central anterior portion of the eye through which light enters called?

the vitreous humor

Which is thicker aqueous humor and vitreous humor?

vitreous humor

Gel-like substance that helps to reinforce the eyeball?

It is called the vitreous humor. The word humor here has nothing to do with comedy. The word can mean 'body fluid', from the Latin for body fluid, 'umor'.

What substances is located in back of the chamber eyeball?

vitreous humor

Which one does not belong in the grouping choroid sclera vitreous humor or retina?

vitreous humor

What does the Vitreous Humor do in the human eye?

The vitreous humor helps keep the retina in place

How are the vitreous humor and the aqueous humor different?

The vitreous humor fills the space between the retina and lens while the aqueous humor is located between the lens and the cornea.The vitreous humor has more nutritive value when the aqueous humor is low in nutritive value.

What correctly lists the parts through which light passes as it enters the eye?

Cornea, aqueous humor, lens, vitreous humor

Which substance helps to stabilize the eye and give physical support to the retina?

The vitreous humor

What is the location of the vitrous humor?

Vitreous humor is the fluid in the eye.

Can you have a mass within the vitreous humor?