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Because it will prevent you from getting bit by insects such as Mosquitoes.

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Q: Why is the sodium potassium pump important to an action potential?
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What type of channel is responsible for the action potential?

sodium potassium and calcium

What ions are important in the formation of membrane potentials?

Potassium and sodium are involved in the action potential present in the neurone. When a stimuli is detected Sodium is pumped into the neurone causing depolarisation this flow of charges causing a voltage known as the action potential. When the stimuli is no longer detected sodium and potassium flow out to cause repolarisation.

What ions enter the muscle cell during action potential generation?

sodium and potassium

What type of channel is responsible for action potential?

Remove this? Has been answered in similar question. Calcium, Potassium, Sodium.

What is the process called when sodium NA is pumped out of a nerve cell?

during action potentials, sodium and potassium cross the membrane of the synapse after the threshold of membrane potential is reached. There, sodium leaves the synapse and the membrane potential is now positive. this is known as depolarization. then during repolarization, the sodium channels close and the potassium channels open to stabilize the membrane potential. during this time, a second action potential cannot occur and this is an evolutionary advantage because it allows rest in the nerve cells and it allows the membrane potential to equalize.

What ionic elements trade places to allow action potential to continue through the neuron?

Sodium and potassium

What cell gates open immediately after action potential peak?

Sodium and potassium voltage gated ion channels.

After depolarization phase of an action potential the resting potential is restored by?

the opening of voltage-gated potassium channels and the closing of sodium activation gates.

Why does the membrane have to pump sodium and potassium across the membrane and keeps pumping it?

The membranes of nerve Cells use the Sodium/Potassium pump system to charge It's membranes, for a reversal of this condition constitutes the discharge of this Action Potential - 'keeps pumping it' refers to recharging the membrane's Action Potential.

What is the effect of lidocaine on eliciting an action potential?

Ether prevents the action potential, by opening potassium ion pores, which allows the escape of potassium from the neurons, which results in hyper-polarization of the neuron, thus preventing the action potential from occurring.

Does action potential involve the influx of negative ions to depolarize the membrane?

No. The negative ions stay within the cell (neuron).An action potential begins (rising phase) with an influx of sodium, a positive ion or cation. The rising phase ends (falling phase) with an efflux of positive ions (potassium). The membrane potential is stabilized again with the action of the ATP dependent sodium-potassium pump.

Ions used to establish a resting potential?

Potassium and sodium determine the a cell's resting membrane potential. The equilibrium potential (the voltage where no ion would flow) for sodium is about +60 mV while that for potassium is usually around -80 mV, but because the resting cell membrane is approximately 75 times more permeable to potassium than to sodium, the resting potential is closer the the equilibrium potential of potassium. This is because potassium leak channels are always open while sodium come in through voltage gated or ligand gated channels.