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If we didn't have bones we we be a glob of guk and we could get hurt a lot more by a stick or something going threw our body

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Q: Why is the skeleton important to the body give two reasons?
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How does the structure of the skeleton and its bones serve its function?

they give the body support

In the humand body which of the following is part of the axial skeleton?

Which of the following what? You have to give me a list!

How would you describ e the functin of the skeleton?

the skeleton help you to stand up, give your body shape and make blood in the blood marrow. :)

What are 3 reasons for landforms in your environment?

give three reasons why landforms are important to our environment

How does characteristic give vertebrates body flexibility?

Internal skeleton (back bone) has an notochord to make it flexible

In five sentence give the importance of a skeleton?

The importance of a skeleton includes supporting the skin, tissues, and body muscles, as well as protecting internal organs such as the brain from physical injury.

Give 5 reason why electricity is important to us?

5 reasons why eletricity is important

Main jobs of the human skeleton?

To support the body and give it's shape. Also to protect internal organs.

Why are calories important for the body?

They give you energy!

What two jobs does the skeleton do?

# Supports your body so you can stand etc... # NOT THE PROPER ANSWER Give you a way to hurt someone that's annoyed you.

Why are Fats important to the body?

Give yo insulation!

How is broccoli important to the body?

I know it can give you gas...