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It is considered as the most dramatic prenatal phase as lots of changes occur in this stage and it is also the most hazardous of the three prenatal stages because most miscarriages occur at this time

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Q: Why is the period of the embryo regarded as the most dramatic prenatal phase?
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During the prenatal period a human being is called a?

In the first two months, the baby is called an "embryo". But from that period on to the birth, the baby is called a "fetus."

The heart begins to beat during the period of prenatal development?

18-22 days 18-22 days

What is a prenatal period?

The prenatal period is anytime from the time of conception until the baby is born.

What happens during the period of the embryo?

Ther is no such thing as period of embryo .

Does taking prenatal pills affect your period?

No, taking prenatal vitamins won't impact on your period. Prenatal pills are typically vitamins, which could see you have a better period all together, but won't be a major change.

What period of prenatal development lasts the shortest?

germinal period

What changes occur from the pre adolescene period to adolescene period?


During which prenatal period are the placenta and umbilical chord formed?

embryonic period

Do prenatal vitamins keep you from having a period if you are not pregnant?


Can you take prenatal vitamins while am on your period?


What is the first period of prenatal development?

the longest stage is the fetal stage.

Does prenatal vitamins cause you to miss your period?

No prenatal vitamins do not cause you to miss your period - they are vitamins, thus have no influence on your menstrual cycle. Consider that if prenatal vitamins did cause you to miss your period (which would only happen if you missed ovulation) then they would prevent pregnancy, this work against those who were taking them!