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The family is the basic social institution because a child is usually born into the group. If no family exists, a child is likely to suffer greatly or die, not being able to survive.

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Q: Why is the family considered as the basic social institution?
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Why is family considered the basic social institution?

Socially speaking, there is nothing less basic.

Why is family considered the basic institution?

Socially speaking, there is nothing less basic.

Why is the economy considered a social institution?

A basic way that society meets people's needs.

The economy is considered a social institution because it is?

a basic way that society meets peoples needs

Why is the family considered as the basic unit of social interaction?


Is family an institution?

The family is an institution that makes up the society. As a matter of fact, the basic unit of any society is the nuclear family.

What is the basic unit of a culture social structure?

The basic unit of a culture's social structure is the family.

What is the basic social unit of societies?


Why is it Family is considered as basic social unit?

In ancient society, the family was the basic unit and acted like a small government with a head (father) and other members (wife and children). The wife had an important role of caring for the children in the household. This basic unit served as a means to reproduce and increase the human family.

How do you define a family?

A family is a group of biologically related human beings living together in the same house.A basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not

What are the functions which family as an institution performs?

Yes, you have rightly categorised that family an 'Instiution'. Family is the basic and grass root level institution and all the members expected to function. The functions are not to be identified and separated, unity is the ultimate answer. Without unity, the family has no meaning and nothing to function. The family as an Institution expected to perform understanding, love for each other and above all unity. When you understand the value of this, every person performs their family needs and forms a unified strength. This strength keeps the family bond together and is the basic lesson for all the people in this world to observe. I consider this as the most needed function for a family as an Institution. I am sure that you could understand the value and wish to be functioning in your family as an Institution.

Why is the family the most important social institution?

Mainly because t's the most permanent. Family, unlike friends, changes but will never completely go away. Also, you're physically more similar because you are related.