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Lots of medical issues can be seen in your skin because most everything in your body is related. The most obvious one is when your skin is dry and tight it usually indicates dehydration. This is because your skin is made up of cells that constantly have water moving in and out of them. When your dehydrated your body will pull the water out of your cells (making them smaller and your skin feel dry and tight) and shunt it to your vital organs which need it the most. This is the same with and injury involving loss of blood. One of the signs of internal hemorrhage is cool clammy skin. This is because your body is shunting all the blood left in the circulatory system (blood that's in your skin making you feel warm) and directing it to your heart, brain and lungs, because cold skin wont kill you but not having a heart beat will.

Because its not the most vital it is often the first to break down. You see this in people with Diabetes. Because people with diabetes have poor peripheral blood circulation (the circulation that pumps blood to your extremities like your fingers and toes) the skin will begin to break down because of the lack of blood in the tissue. This can lead to necrosis (dead tissue) and eventually amputation.

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Q: Why is the condition of your skin often an indication of your over-all health?
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