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ld50 for lamotrigine

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Q: Why is the LD50 of a mouse different from a human's LD50?
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What is caffeine LD50?

192mg/kg in rats. Less immediately available information for humans.

What is the toxic dose of oxycodone?

105 mgs per day is the average dose. Sources

Do we use rat or mouse LD50 in NOEL calculation?

dear sir i need complete information about NOEL calculation in cleaning validation

When referring to radiation how long a time period is involved for the LD50 for humans?

50 years or less, by the dangerous radiation

What is the LD50 of strontium-90?

The LD50/50 (50% mortality in 50 days) for strontium-90 in rats is estimated to be around 2.5 to 3 microcuries per gram of body mass. I do not know if that translates linearly to humans.

What is the maximum amount a heroin user can use in a day?

the lethal dosis (LD50 = Lethal to 50% of the testet animals) is at 25mg /kg This is mouse-testet

What is the lethal dose of zopiclone?

An accurage Lethal Dose for the drug Zopiclone in humans does not seem to be currently available. This information may be useful. History: A 72-year-old hospitalized male died following an intentional overdose of 90 milligrams of zopiclone. The patient was being treated for lung cancer and died approximately 4 to 10 hours after the ingestion (Meatherall, 1997). The authors suggested this may be a minimum lethal dose considering the patient's age, weakened condition and arteriosclerosis. Meatherall RC: Zopiclone fatality in a hospitalized patient. J Forensic Sci. 1997; 42(2):340-3. LD50/LC50 - ANIMAL DATA - ZOPICLONE LD50 - (ORAL) RAT: 827 mg/kg LD50 - (IM) RAT: 295 mg/kg LD50 - (IV) RAT: 280 mg/kg LD50 - (SC) RAT: 540 mg/kg LD50 - (ORAL) MOUSE: 2174 mg/kg LD50 - (IM) MOUSE: 541 mg/kg LD50 - (IV) MOUSE: 321 mg/kg LD50 - (SC) MOUSE: 888 mg/kg Source: RTECS Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances. National Institute for Occupational Safety and ealth, Cincinnati, O (internet Version). Micromedex Inc., Greenwood Village, CO, 2001. I can tell u that during my drug abuse days I once did 58 7.5 mg pills so 435mg and blackedout. I woke up after I'm not sure how many hours of "sleep" and found i could barely think and standing up was impossible. I'm 21 and 186lbs so it all depends. Worst part about it after the first 8 pills i didnt even realize i was hurting myself or think of the possibilites. Zopiclonse really impairs u i just kept taking more and more

Can humans eats mouse?


Do mouse lemurs eat humans?


What are the different mouse techniques?

What are the different mouse techniques?

What is LD50 or LC50 in phosphoric acid?

1530 mg per kilogram bodyweight, when taken orally by a rat (test on humans would be unwise).

Will chocolate kill a mouse?

The LD50 of chocolate for mice has not yet been determined. It is unlikely that a mouse will kill itself by eating chocolate, as they know when to stop.