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My mother and father are the two most important people in my life, but they don't get along. I'd hate for them to split up, and it makes me sad every time I see them argue. Whatever my mother does, my father finds fault. Whatever my father does, my mother finds fault. All they do is nag, nag, nag at each other!

No one knows why they do this. Perhaps they don't love each other, perhaps they just are in a bad mood or perhaps (if its your girlfriend/boyfriend) they just like you so much, but they don't want to show it. There are many, many reasons people do this, and it could be the case in your situation. Try to find out as much as you can. Perhaps find one of the people and ask them why they do it, and if they end up saying something negative about another person, then act as if you're on their side, even if you're against what they're saying. It will calm them down to know that someone cares and understands what they are saying, and it will most likely make them calm down and talk to the other person.

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Q: Why is that some people find fault in everything that someone else attempt to do?
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