Why is spanking sexually exciting?

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It isn't.

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Q: Why is spanking sexually exciting?
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Why the pretty girl sexually exciting?


Why would one want to get a spanking?

Spanking can be a part of a fetish. It allows the one being spanked to feel dominated, which can be sexually stimulating and pleasurable for some. Spanking is also used in foreplay.

What is the the meaning of oomphy?

The quality of a person being exciting, energetic, or sexually attractive

Should you hit a girl under certain conditions?

some girls love spanking on the butt, it's definitely fun (even sexually arousing) for both she and her man =) google for spanking or takeninhand

Sexually exciting odorants secreted by animals to signal their readiness for intercourse are called?


Why do people like to lick and suck to girls feet?

This is called a fetish. It is sexually exciting to the people who are doing this.

What is a measured spanking?


Why is spanking good?

If you're talking about erotic spanking between consenting adults, you're talking about an "erogenous zone" -- a part of the body that triggers or enhances sexual arousal when stimulated. The buttocks are frequently an erogenous zones, as are the lips. That's why kissing feels so good. Some people are also sexually aroused by pain. Spanking children is, of course, a bad idea.

What does the acronym otk mean sexually?

using sex toys and you will know what is it Good shopping sorry, that is totally wrong. it stands for over the knee, as in spanking.

Can spanking be exercise?

No, spanking can not be considered exercise.

What is a severe spanking?

A spanking that has been sore for more then a few days

What kind of spanking do girls deserve?

girls deserve the over the knee spanking. and bare bottom spanking.

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