Why is someone in your head?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Why is someone in your head?
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What does the idiom give someone his head mean?

If you had your head handed to you by someone, that someone figuratively cut it off with his/her words.The question was "give someone his head" not "hand someone their head." To give someone his head means to allow them to do what they want to do. The image is from horse-riding, where you loosen the reins and "give" the horse control over his head, which allows the horse to speed up as it wants to do.

What is a head head bone?

A bone head is someone who is not quite smart. Mostly used when calling someone "dumb" or "stupid".

Someone describes as nanocephalous an extremely small what?


How do you get head shots in Halo 3?

By defintion, shooting someone in the head will do.

What does the word poo head mean?

pooo head means someone with poo on their head :S .

How do catch hair lice?

You get head lice by putting your head by someone who already has head lice

Who is a principal?

someone who is the head of an organisation

What is a bog wash?

When someone or a group of people shove someone else's head into the toilet and flush his head an act of humiliation or domination

How do you get someone out of your head without forgetting them?

Find someone new to think about.

What is a head waitress?

A head waitress is someone who controls all the waitresses in a restaurant.

What is a toe head?

A tow head is someone who is born with platinum white hair.

Who selects the head of the house of representatives?