Why is responsibility good?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Then people can depend on u :)

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Q: Why is responsibility good?
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What was the pharaohs responsibility?

The pharaohs responsibility was by providing good government.

Nursing responsibility for omeprazole?


What are the responsibility of a working and attending school?

it is a responsibility because you have to do homework, classwork, be good in class, etc.

What can you learn from dogs?

responsibility and how to be a good friend.

Difference between ethics and social responsibility?

With social responsiveness you respond to a new/potential social need. With social responsibility you follow the ethics of your industry. The difference is the goal: with social responsiveness you try to sell more, while with social responsibility you try to have a good image.

How does sport promote the development of responsibility?

There are rules to be adhered to in sport. Following rules is good for developing responsibility. In team sports people have to work together and look after each other, which is good for developing responsibility. Strategies may need to be thought of and used, which is good for developing responsibility. If someone is the captain of a team or in charge of a team or has to do a particular job for a team, that is good for developing responsibility. In order to do well in a sport people have to train and look after their health and fitness and be responsible for doing those things. So in all of these and many other ways, sport is good for developing responsibility.

Whose responsibility is it to promote good relations with Congress?

It is the Presidents responsibility to promote good relations with Congress. He needs to have good relations, use good tactics, and have good power of persuasion to win support with Congress.

10 good characterstics of a good citizen are?

# honest # noble # sincere for their responsibility #

What are teachers responsibility in testing?

skills, how good they did in school

Why is it your responsibility to save your planet?

That is a good question. Because It is not.

What would be a good award for the word responsibility?

It is my responsibility to take care of my siblings when our parents are gone since I am the oldest child.

What is social responsibility and what does it have to do with being a good citizen?

social responsibility is the duty that every individual has to perform. a good citizen of a country will always be responsible for the growth of the country in economy etc.