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Being disrespectful is wrong because you are disobeying what you are told. Being respectful means to do what you were told to do and being respectful to your family and parents. Say your mom asks you to take out the trash, and you say,"I can't, I'm watching T.V." that would be disrespectful to your parents because they asked you to do something and you didn't even thought you weren't busy. It's like church, if you have ever been to church before you should know not to shout or yell in church or in the middle of a prayer, but if you do, that would be disrespectful to everyone who is in there and to your god. Here is the exact meaning of disrespectful.

-adjectivecharacterized by, having, or showing disrespect; lacking courtesy or esteem: a disrespectful remark about teachers.


1670-80; dis-1 + respectful

-Related formsdis·re·spect·ful·ly, adverb

dis·re·spect·ful·ness, noun


impolite, rude, impertinent, irreverent.

disrespect (ˌdɪsrɪˈspɛkt) - n1.contempt; rudeness- vb2.( tr ) to show lack of respect fordisre'spectful- adjdisre'spectfully- advdisre'spectfulness- n

You should be respectful for what you are told to do and say.

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That is because it has something to do with people's races, religion, and it may refer to the genetalia.

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Q: Why is profanity disrespectful?
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