Why is prejudice a bad thing?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Being prejudice is bad; you look at others wrong.

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Q: Why is prejudice a bad thing?
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Why is prejudice a bad thing in the worplace?

Because its a learned behavior that can go both ways.

Why is prejudice bad?

prejudice is bad because it is often harmful and no person deserves to be treated in such way.

Can prejudice be a good or bad thing?

Prejudice is never a good thing. Having preconcieved ideas as to who a person is without knowing anything about them is just not the way things should be, to dislike someone on the basis of race, nationality, age, or gender is illogical.

What is the difference between prejudice and assumption?

Prejudice about a thing means telling that it will surely happen. assumption about a thing means that it may happen.

What types of prejudice are there in the book Stargirl?

bad ones.

Why is prejudice wrong?

Prejudice is wrong because people don't deserve to be treated in a bad manner or deserve to be harmed verbally.

Is religious prejudice the worst type of prejudice?

Prejudice is prejudice. Whatever form it touches you; it is equally as bad as whatever form it touches another person. Prejudice has no 'degrees' of medium, good, bad, terrible, or worse. At the same time, some prejudice can be ignored. For example: I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses, the brunt of religious prejudice. We're constantly called a 'cult'. We're viewed as anti-Christian for not celebrating Christmas, birthdays; for not believing in the trinity; for not believing in eternal torment. But NONE of that prejudice bothers us. We hold our heads up, and just keep knocking on them doors.

What can prejudice and discrimination lead to?

It can lead into racism a bad behaviors -ME

Does prejudice and open-minded mean the same thing?

No, they are opposites.

Are bias and prejudice similar in meaning?

Yes. They can mean the same thing.

Is it good bad or horrible to have autism?

None of the above. Autism is not good, it's not bad, it just is - being Autistic is thus not good or bad either. Being Autistic (we do not 'have' autism) depends on the individual, some people have more severe symptoms than others and some face more prejudice or abuse than others. It's just like being neurotypical - not good, not bad, it just is.

What exactly does 'classism' mean?

The word classism means the prejudice or discrimination against those who are poor or rich. Classism is a very bad thing and companies and the government generally cannot engage in classism.