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Policy and Procedure in a care home is very important. It is what gives the owners, managers and employees the guidelines as to how to operate the home, and how to react in certain situations in hopes of achieving the best possible result. Additionally, it helps protect the home and those who work there from issues of liability in the event something should happen to or with one of the residents. It allows for a smooth and consistent operation of the daily activities that are carried out in caring for the residents.

Some examples of what should be included in the policies and procedures are:

  • Who has right of access to the facility and when
  • How residents health care directives will be handled
  • How medications will be handled, stored, administered and reordered
  • How incidents, accidents or changes in condition involving residents or employees will be handled and reported
  • Admission and discharge procedures
  • Resident termination procedures
  • Grievance rights
  • Obtaining resident preferences
  • Confidentiality and HIPPA rights
  • Handling of deposits and refunds
  • Safety of facility and grounds
  • Disaster plan
  • Non-retaliatory policy
  • Emergency evacuations and fire drills

As one can see, these are all important issues and having specific policies and procedures in place enables employees and others to make the correct decision at the proper time.

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Q: Why is policy and produces important in a care home?
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