Why is my wife flirting online?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Your wife is probaly flirting online because it makes her feel good. She maybe receiving extra attention or compliments she may not think she's getting from you. But either way unless she is meeringf these people its harmless.

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Q: Why is my wife flirting online?
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Your wife is sexually flirting with 1 man?

she sure is

Will the flirting go any farther if your neighbor is flirting with you and he is married?

It might. If it does, tell him to remember he has a wife and that he should leave you alone.

What are some good flirting websites? is a good online flirting site. It also offers links to other free flirting sites as well! :)

Where can one learn some flirting tips online?

The best place to find flirting tips is a magazine such as Cosmopolitan or Seventeen. Both magazines usually always have articles on flirting, love and romance. Check out their website if you want to find it online.

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There are many online websites that will provide you with information on fast flirting. The best website to check out would be the official website, Fast Flirting.

Did a man flirting with another guys wife start the Battle of the Alamo?


Can a wife be forgiven for flirting twice with the same man?

ANSWER: Flirting is only admiration is a good way. When we flirt, we compliment that person, not to go to bed with him or her. Unless the flirting follows by intimacy, that's when you can say cheating, other than that, if ok to flirt.

Why do you think curlys wife told Lennie how she truly felt about curly?

she was flirting and wanted to get some

What if a girl is single and she is flirting with you and your married?

If she knows you're married, it means she doesn't respect your marriage or your wife.

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There are a total of ten princes that can be found in the School Flirting Game. This is an online flash game that is popular amongst pre-teens and teenagers.

How do you know if a guy is flirting with you over emails?

Simple!, when he is always online, waiting for youre response!!!

My wife told me that my father was flirting with her and even tried grab her what do i do?

You will need to sit your father down and speak to him about his inappropriate behavior.