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Because both organisms benefit in the relationship in some way. For example, Ants and aphids are usually close in a habitat. Aphids release this sugary fluid that ants like to feed on and in return the ants protect the aphids.

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Q: Why is mutualism a good relationship between two organisms?
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What is the Relationship between mutualism and symbiotic?

It's not really a relationship so much a category. There's 3 symbiotic relationships. Mutualism, Commensalism, and Parisitism. Mutualism means both organisms involved get something out of it. Commensalism means one gets something good out of it, while the other gets nothing. Parisitism is when one gets something good, while the other is harmed.

Does Parasitism both benefit?

No, parasitism is good for one of the organisms and bad for the other. Commensalism is good for one of the organisms and doesn't affect the other. Mutualism benefits both organisms.

Is a relationship that is good for one organism?

yes, a relationship is good for one organism but many times there are two organisms that are share a relationship...

What terms describes a close relationship between two or more organisms?

Well, i think it might be Symbiosis. Good Luck!

What is the meaning of mutualism and there examples?

Mutualism is a relationship when 2 living organisms benefit from each other's presence. Good example? You and bacteria living in your stomach. The bacteria helps with digestion of food, while you are giving them a place to live. Need more? Bees and flower - bees receive food (pollen and nectar) while the plant benefits from the bees pollinating them.

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