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Ever thought you could be hypoglacemic? Ask your doctor about it.

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Q: Why is it that every day around noon you feel dizzy and sick and nauseated and passes after a couple hours?
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If I spin around and around I will get?

Dizzy- possibly nauseated and bruised from falling over.

Are there any side effects of from a phlebotomy?

It is not uncommon for a patient to feel dizzy or nauseated during or after phlebotomy.

Signs of if is not enough water in the body?

Lightheaded, dizzy, confused, not sweating even if you are hot and being nauseated (sick to your stomach).

You have low blood pressure high pulse dizzy no period for 2 months nauseated whats wrong?

search under "Neurally Mediated Hypotension"

How do you get dizzy?

You get dizzy by spinning around too much.

Why do you feel tired and dizzy?

Tired - your body's response to not enough sleep or energy. Dizzy - you most likely have a virus if you are dizzy but dont worry it only lasts a couple of days.

What would happen to a person if he sits on rotating chair for more than an hour?

Sitting on a rotating chair for more than an hour could potentially lead to dizziness, vertigo, or motion sickness due to the prolonged spinning motion stimulating the inner ear. It may also cause discomfort or strain in the neck, back, or hips from the continuous movement.

What might it be if my husband is having sharp pain all the way down the right side of his body he is dizzy nauseated and feels like he is going to pass out?

I would ask you: Isn't this an (obvious) symptom of pulmonary emboli...?

Will you walk in a circle if your blindfoldedand spun around?

If you are pun around blind folded you will be dizzy and you will spin around.

What would happen if you spun your kitten around?

They would get dizzy. But there are nicer ways to play with kittens than making them dizzy. Your kitten being dizzy might be funny to you but might not be so fun to the kitten.

Julie was dizzy after she wh l around?


What are symptoms that may precede fainting?

A few seconds before fainting, a person may sweat or become pale, feel nauseated or dizzy, and have blurred vision or racing heartbeat. Once the person loses consciousness, the pupils may dilate as the heart rate slows.