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Because they might get food poisoning

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Q: Why is it not advisable to let children eat raw fish or undercooked meats?
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Which disease can be caused by dented cans and undercooked or raw fish or pork?


What are fatty meats?

mammals and birds. non-fatty meats: fish, crustacians.

What is wrong with fish consumption in first 2 trimester?

one of the risks is undercooked or improperly cooked fish can have parasites that can hurt the fetus.

What are the protein in foods?

Red meats, white meats, fish and eggs are all high in protein.

What section of the food pyramid is fish?

It is in protein......(meat,FISH!!! and poultry !!!

Are proteins obtained from food?

Yes mainly meats and fish

How should you punctuate this sentence The consumption of raw or undercooked foods such as meat fish and eggs which may contain harmful bacteria may cause serious illness or death?

It should be --- The consumption of raw or undercooked foods such as meat, fish and eggs which may contain harmful bacteria mat cause serious illness or death.

What happens with overcooked fish?

Yes, undercooked fish makes your stomache upset, especially if it wasn't properly cooked or taken care of before you ate it. You probably have food posioning.

What are examples of foods preserved by smoking?

meats, fish, cheeses, vegetables,

Are steamed fish considered starch?

No, meats are protein however they are cooked

How can you pervent food poisoning?

Some of the tips that you should keep in mind are:Make sure that food from animal sources (meat, dairy, eggs) is cooked thoroughly or pasteurized. Using a thermometer is recommended.Avoid eating raw or undercooked meats and eggs. Check expiration dates on meats before purchasing and again before preparing.Carefully select and prepare fish and shellfish to ensure quality and freshness.If you are served an undercooked meat or egg product in a restaurant, send it back for further cooking. You should also ask for a new plate.Be careful to keep juices or drippings from raw meat, poultry, shellfish, or eggs from contaminating other foods.Do not leave eggs, meats, poultry, seafood, or milk for extended periods of time at room temperature. Promptly refrigerate leftovers and food prepared in advance.

What is the main food eaten in Taiwan?

Taiwan's main food is meats and fish