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so the doctor office can get paid

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Q: Why is it necessary to enter patient payments in Medisoft?
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Why is it easier to enter large insurance payments in the deposit list dialog box than in the transaction box?

This is a Medisoft program question. The answer is: It is easier to enter large insurance payments in the Deposit List dialog box because of the large sums paid and the ease of splitting the payment up and applying it to multiple patients billing.

Does a medical insurance specialist enter information about the charges and payments for a patient's visit when a claim is created?


What is a patient ledger card?

Ledger card will track accounts receivables for each doctor when multiple doctors treat the same patient .Complete transaction audit trail when adjusting payments or services, producing added security for can quickly and easily review the services that have been provided to a patient, bills sent, payments received and adjustments made to the account. You can also enter payments or adjustments, sum patient/insurance services, print a copy of the ledger, review current and aged balances, and more.

Medisoft Software - An Office in a Box?

Medisoft Advanced Medical Billing Software is a complete office management tool for doctors, clinics and medical facilities. McKesson Technology, who just released a version 16 of the popular software, makes Medisoft software. The Medisoft Advanced Medical Billing software is HIPAA ready, which governs patient confidentiality, easy to use and has an extensive array of modules to enhance the basic model. The Patient Accounting Program controls accounts receivables, insurance billing and management software that can be modified for different types of medical practices and billing services. It has a built-in electronic claim submission service programmed into the software. It also contains coding necessary for medical services to be reimbursed for their treatment and office visits. The Practice Management Module governs daily practice sheets, reconciliation of patient accounts, appointment scheduling, with customized templates for information not included in Medisoft’s default programming. Reports, progress notes and form letters can all be personalized to met a medical professional’s office needs. Medisoft Version 16 is accessible and easy to learn with user-friendly interfaces and a search function for patients, diagnoses, insurance carriers and any other category stored in its program. Pop-up windows allow help screens to display on any given subject. Multitasking is another built-in feature that allows the user to enter data, write reports and search for information while scheduling patient appointments. The Medisoft software is very fluid, allowing a facility or physician the option to upgrade or add additional modules for a modest fee so that the program grows with the practice. It can also provide treatment plans for insurance pre-approval so that neither the medical facility nor patient is caught unaware by unexpected costs or unanticipated refusal of payment by the insurance carrier. Technical support is available and Medisoft takes great pride in the top-notch abilities of its technical team. Whether by telephone or online, help is just a click or phone call away. The security features of the Medisoft Version 16 are exemplary and offer great peace of mind with “Auto Log Off”, “Warn of Unapproved Calls”, and built-in protection against execution of partial commands. The Medisoft program starts around $599.00 for the basic module for a one-user license and can be expanded to accommodate multiple doctors or clinics with licensing for unlimited users.

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