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It's nearly impossible because your brain is telling your body to do something and you are trying to stop it at the same time.

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Q: Why is it nearly impossible to stop a reflex from taking place?
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Is reflex action and reflex arcs are same?

Reflexes are uncontrollable movements that happen almost instantly in response to a stimuli. A reflex arc, a neuronal circuit that controls reflexes, is where reflex activities takes place.

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What is the jump reflex?

Jump reflection is a a reflex action that takes place under the control of spinal cordand not the involvement of CNS. Eg. When we stamp on a nail or on an hot plate we immediately move the leg because of reflex action.

What is the sucking reflex?

Newborn babies are born with the instinct to suck. It is often called a reflex because when you place something close to their lips, they will begin to seek out that thing. It is also called a rooting reflex. In infants that are born early many do not have this reflex yet. It is a way of the infant to find a nipple.

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What is taking place in a distiallation?

What is the difference between a spinal reflex and a cranial reflex?

A cranial reflex is one that is controlled by one of the cranial nerves and tend to take place in the facial or head area. These can include reflexes like the constriction of the pupils in response to light, etc. A spinal reflex, on the other hand, is a reflex that involves only the spinal nerves and is not processed by the brain. An example is the patellar reflex, like when the doctor hits your knee and it reflexively moves. Hope this helps! :)

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What are the properties of reflex action?

The value of a reflex action is to survive. For example, if we place our hands on a hot oven. Our reflex would be to take our hand off and register the pain. OR A perfect example would be the rooting reflex. Which helps a breastfed infant find the mother's nipple. Babies display it only when hungry and touched by another person, not when they touch themselves.

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