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It is a matter of personal hygiene and to reduce the chances of infection.

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Q: Why is it important to wipe after you use the bathroom?
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Is it okay to use baby wipes to wipe myself after using the bathroom i am a male?


You have to poop but you have no bathroom?

go in the woods and wipe with a leaf...

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Soak them in soapy water or use a bathroom wipe to clean it.

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The you got probs!

How do you know what your period looks like?

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Is there something I can put on bathroom mirrors to keep them from fogging up when I'm taking a shower?

Yes, there is something you can put on bathroom mirrors to keep them from fogging up. Use a bit of shaving cream and wipe it all over the mirror.

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Spotting is completely normal

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the correct term is may I use the bathroom

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